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Nagoya Aquarium – Corals Galore

Yesterday I posted about my visit to Nagoya Aquarium here, complete with videos of lots of fish.  Although not as exciting, here are some corals and polyps.  These make good screensavers – it kind of feels like you’re underwater if you leave them on!  Just turn off the volume, since there are hundreds of small Japanese schoolchildren shouting in the proximity.

Note, the descriptions of the species are for the video directly below.

Xenia species, not sure which.

Star Polyps. Pachyclavularia violacea

Dendrophyllia species, not sure which.

Bubble coral. Plerogyra sinuosa




Longspine black urchin. Diadema setosum

Snail battle. or, Ascent to the top.

Clownfish hiding! Amphiprion percula hiding in Stichodactyla gigantea


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