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Nagoya Aquarium – Jellyfish

More in the series of sea creatures found at the Nagoya Aquarium, here are some of the jellyfish species found there.  If you weren’t aware, jellyfish overpopulation is becoming a problem in the world’s oceans.

The captions refer to the organism pictured directly below.

Moon jellyfish. Aurelia aurita.

A hydrozoan jellyfish. Tima formosa.

A cnetophore. Bolinopsis mikado.

Spotted Jellyfish. Mastigias papua.

Upside down jellyfish. Cassiopea sp. These species are actually synthetic due to their endosymbiotic zooxanthellae, and can sting!


2 thoughts on “Nagoya Aquarium – Jellyfish

  1. Jim Paine says:

    Pretty scary about the jelly fish proliferation. Are any marine biologists working on irradiating them or stemming the spread?

    • Darrin says:

      The thing about Jellyfish is that it’s pretty impossible to stop them from reproducing. Like many sea creatures, they release their sperm and eggs into the water, where they can meet and fertilize. These will then grow into adults. I think the best thing to control jellyfish population would be to stop depleting fish stocks around the world in commercial fishing.

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