Bioluminescence, pictures, Science

Nagoya Aquarium – Bioluminescent Species

I was only able to find two bioluminescent species at the Nagoya Aquarium. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to observe their bioluminescence, but take a look!

One was the Pinecone fish, also known as the knight fish.  This Japanese species has two small black spots underneath its chin that bioluminesce at night.  The reason for their bioluminescence is still not understood.

Another was the sea pen.  The bioluminescence of this species is dazzling, I saw it once in person after-hours at the Uozu Aquarium in Toyama. When disturbed, the cnidarians withdraw into their coral, and then a green sparkling sweeping light covers the sea pen.  It reminded me of the Eiffel Tower at midnight.


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