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Nagoya Aquarium – Sardines

I think my favorite exhibit at the Nagoya Aquarium was the sardine aquarium.  The room was large, dark, there were pillows and soft avant-garde music.  A perfect environment for watching a school of fish circle round-and-round in the tank.

School of Pilchard sardines. Sardinops melanostictus

tuna (skipjack and pacific bluefin) & bronze whaler shark.

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Nagoya Aquarium – Penguins

There were penguins at the Nagoya Aquarium too!  They were kind of hard to film though…

Penguins are too fast

Penguins fly

Mr. Pengy

Gentoo penguin friends. Let’s go swimming! Pygoscelis papua papua

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Nagoya Aquarium – Bioluminescent Species

I was only able to find two bioluminescent species at the Nagoya Aquarium. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to observe their bioluminescence, but take a look!

One was the Pinecone fish, also known as the knight fish.  This Japanese species has two small black spots underneath its chin that bioluminesce at night.  The reason for their bioluminescence is still not understood.

Another was the sea pen.  The bioluminescence of this species is dazzling, I saw it once in person after-hours at the Uozu Aquarium in Toyama. When disturbed, the cnidarians withdraw into their coral, and then a green sparkling sweeping light covers the sea pen.  It reminded me of the Eiffel Tower at midnight.

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Nagoya Aquarium – Jellyfish

More in the series of sea creatures found at the Nagoya Aquarium, here are some of the jellyfish species found there.  If you weren’t aware, jellyfish overpopulation is becoming a problem in the world’s oceans.

The captions refer to the organism pictured directly below.

Moon jellyfish. Aurelia aurita.

A hydrozoan jellyfish. Tima formosa.

A cnetophore. Bolinopsis mikado.

Spotted Jellyfish. Mastigias papua.

Upside down jellyfish. Cassiopea sp. These species are actually synthetic due to their endosymbiotic zooxanthellae, and can sting!

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Nagoya Aquarium – Fishes et cetera

Today I went to the Nagoya Aquarium.  Here’s a collection of vines of some of the fish I saw.  This aquarium was nice, but definitely didn’t have the curation quality that I found at the Uozo aquarium in Toyama.  Take a look and look for more posts in the coming days!

Note – the comments describe the species immediately below.

This is Chaetodon ulietensis or Chaetodon vagabundus. I’m not sure which.

Rhinecanthus verrucosus

A shrimp!

Ptereleotris? Don’t know.

Magochi. Platycephalus sp.

Whitegirdled goby. Pterogobius zonoleucus.

Bering wolffish. Anarhichas orientalis.

Japanese bandfish. Cepola schlegeli.

Lobster thing.

Loggerhead turtle.


Pig-nosed turtle and northern snake-necked turtle.