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Nagoya Aquarium – Sardines

I think my favorite exhibit at the Nagoya Aquarium was the sardine aquarium.  The room was large, dark, there were pillows and soft avant-garde music.  A perfect environment for watching a school of fish circle round-and-round in the tank.

School of Pilchard sardines. Sardinops melanostictus

tuna (skipjack and pacific bluefin) & bronze whaler shark.

pictures, Science

Nagoya Aquarium – Jellyfish

More in the series of sea creatures found at the Nagoya Aquarium, here are some of the jellyfish species found there.  If you weren’t aware, jellyfish overpopulation is becoming a problem in the world’s oceans.

The captions refer to the organism pictured directly below.

Moon jellyfish. Aurelia aurita.

A hydrozoan jellyfish. Tima formosa.

A cnetophore. Bolinopsis mikado.

Spotted Jellyfish. Mastigias papua.

Upside down jellyfish. Cassiopea sp. These species are actually synthetic due to their endosymbiotic zooxanthellae, and can sting!